Vini Cerutti a Cassinasco, Asti

Cantina Vini Cerutti

“Winemakers always”: production of quality wines

Cerutti Wines at Cassinasco, Asti

“Cà ed Cerutti” company, located among the hills of Asti Langa, was founded in 1930 by the great-grandfather Enrico and continued by the grandparents Giovanni and Adelina.
Currently, Bruno and his wife Lucia with the help of their daughter Evelina give continuity to the tradition and passion of the family in order to produce quality wine..

Our wines are the result of the continuous care and attention given to each stage of the production process: from viticulture to the manual selection of the grapes and winemaking practices.

With love for our work, we produce wines for you and your friends, using the methods of the tradition combined with modern technologies, which respect and improve the art of creating wine.