Vini Cerutti a Cassinasco, Asti

Produzione vino Dolcetto a Cassinasco, Asti


Production Dolcetto d'Asti
Complex and structured wine made from Dolcetto grapes.
“Vegnot” in Piedmont language means a little vineyard, that we have near our home and use to created Dolcetto wine.

Flavors and taste:
Structured and complex wine with hints of ripe fruit, such as raspberry and prune; slightly almond.
It is a dry wine with a moderate acidity and bitterness, despite its name “Dolcetto” indicates in Italian language “something sweet” and refers to the flavor of the grape from which wine is produced.

Vendita Dolcetto d'Asti
Food Pairing:
Great if it is tasted quite young and paired with meats, aged cheeses and complex dishes such as pasta with meat sauce or main courses of red meat.
According to the Piedmont tradition, it is combined with a dish called “bagna cauda.”

Serve at room temperature 12-14°C.

Scheda tecnica vino Dolcetto d'Asti DOC