Vini Cerutti a Cassinasco, Asti

Vigne Partrimonio Unesco Cerutti a Cassinasco, Asti

The Territory, the Vineyards and our philosophy

“Just a moment to fall in love with our hills, sometimes it is almost possible to grasp a moment of peace, an inner silence that can appease our souls and it’s nice to lose yourself looking the horizon and catch the colors of the first mountains.”

We love our territory, the source of inspiration and the key of the life marked by the rhythms of nature.

Piedmont Landscape and UNESCO World Heritage

From June 2014, the Piedmont wine-growing landscape has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only for the beauty of a territory particularly suitable for viticulture, but also for the work of men and women.
Our farm takes care of 6 hectares of vineyards on the hills, and we like to emphasize that every stage of processing from pruning to harvest is entirely handmade by respecting nature.
So also in the cellar we decided to use alternative sources for energy production.
In addition to the vines we also have the forests that help us to live in a healthier way.
The colors, the atmosphere and the quiet living make Cassinasco a real “village” of other times that is hard to resist.